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> STAR Series (System for Time and Attendance Recording)
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System for Time and Attendance Recording (STAR) -IP54 Fingerprint
Is an ideal choice against all environmental hazards.

STAR-IP54 FP, an Attendance Recorder that is built like a battle tank. At home in the most unfriendly & hazardous conditions. Made to understand heat, dust, water and any other vagaries of nature, thanks to special shield.
It's tough aluminium enclosure protects the electronics from corrosive, hot or dusty environment and makes the unit tamper proof, to avoid any physical damages to unit. 

Built-In UPS allows the unit to function for long duration in absence of Mains Supply. The records remain intact for a period of 5 years in absence of Mains Power or UPS .

Ideally suited for Coal/Diamond Mines, Aluminium Plants, Steel Rolling Plants, Chemical Industries.

TCP/IP connectivity allows to add/delete/move Finger templates and performs template management over Enterprise through Intranet.

Also available with Finger Print / Infra Red / Magnetic / Bar Code / Touch Token sensors.

Available with combinational options like:-

StarIP54 with Barcode Reader StarIP54 with Fingerprint StarIP54 with Keypad and Fingerprint
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StarIP54 with Keypad, Fingerprint and SmartCard StarIP54 with smart card  
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and many more such combinations are customizable to provide an apt solution for your organization.

  • Heavy Duty, Tough Aluminium enclosure seals electronic system to perform in highly corrosive, hot and dusty environment.

  • IP54 enclosure protects electronic system against any physical damages.

  • Ideal for Enterprise where proxy punching or employee movements are a major concern.

  • Available with Infra Red / Bar Code / Magnetic / Touch Token sensors in addition to a keypad.

  • Capacity to store 1000\4000\9900 fingerprint templates with 9000 attendance records in a single unit.

  • TCP/IP Connectivity enables easy and fast template management across Enterprise through LAN/WAN.

  • Download attendance records to a PC via TCP/IP (Ethernet) or RS-232C/RS-422 through software.

  • Access Control feature helps restrict unwanted employee movements and prevent unauthorized entrants.

  • Large LCD display, audio and visual Indicators on the unit.

  • No Battery backup required to preserve Finger print Templates. 

  • Attendance records and Time are Battery Backed for at least 5 years.

  • Built-In Battery Backup for Unit only.

  • Generate Attendance & Access Reports through MIS/Access Software.

  • Virtually Zero Maintenance System.
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