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> STAR Series (System for Time and Attendance Recording)
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System for Time and Attendance Recording (STAR) Barcode

STAR-Barcode is an ideal choice for Time and Attendance Recording Solutions for Large Factories.

STAR Barcode is a well designed unit to serve various purposes in an industrial or corporate environment. It is a Light weight, wide, easy to operate, well ventilated and durable (powder coated aluminum enclosure) unit.

Employee simply swipes the ID card on the reader and the reader immediately reads the ID code and displays the same on large numeric display. Upon successful verification of the card, the card number with date and time is stored as a record with a beep and visual indication.

Built-In Battery backup allows the unit to function for long duration in absence of Mains Supply. 7500 records can be stored in the unit and transferred to PC through supplied software

The records remain intact for a period of 5 years in absence of Mains Power or UPS.
The reader can read a Code 3 of 9 or Code 2 of 5 barcode as user ID. These cards can be printed on any PC Printer thus makes the system more cost effective.

Any number of units can be connected to a Hub/Switch/Router for an enterprise wide connectivity over existing LAN or Internet.

Available with options like:

LED Display with connection over RS-232/RS-422 LCD Display with connection over True TCP/IP

  • Ideal for medium and large organizations where fast throughput is required.

  • Capacity to store 7500 attendance records in a single unit.   

  • Attendance records and Time are Battery Backed for at least 5 years.

  • Just swipe the card from top to bottom keeping the Barcode inside. 

  • Can read 2 of 5 (Interleaved) / 3 of 9 Bar Codes. 

  • Cards can be printed on any PC printer to use as Identity Cum Attendance cards making system cost effective. 

  • Locking Facility to avoid misuse. 

  • Compact, easy to use powder coated aluminum enclosure with rugged, accurate, reliable and fast Barcode Reader. 

  • Download attendance records to a PC via TCP/IP (Ethernet) or RS-232C/RS-422 with the help of data capture software.

  • Large LED/LCD display, audio and visual Indicators on the unit.  

  • Generate Attendance Reports through MIS Software.  

  • Built-In Battery Backup for Unit only. 

  • Virtually Zero Maintenance System




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