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Access Control Terminal (ACT): Lite
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A fool-proof Access Control Terminal (ACT) with economical, Fast, Accurate and reliable Contact less Smart Card sensor that ensures access to users only when their user-ID of card matches the stored user-ID.

ACT: Lite reads the user-ID with other data when the Contact less Smart Card is flashed and compares the same with initially stored user-IDs to permit/restrict access. It can also operate a relay once verified successfully. The contact less operation enhances the life of the card and makes it very easy to use. The user has not to remember any particular direction or speed.

Quick, Simple and easy to install, suitable for all types of organizations.

  • Physical Access Device suitable for any organization .

  • Unique READ operations make the system multifunctional.

  • Large data can be stored on Contact less Smart Card.  

  • Standalone device does not need a Computer to enroll or function.

  • Indicates Permit / Restrict action by visual Indicators.

  • Outstanding and fast matching algorithm delivers accurate Verification.

  • In-built relay activates Electric Strike / Electro Magnetic Lock / Electric Latch / CCTV Camera / Other electronics devices.

  • Upgrade to ACT+ on site.

  • Sleek and easy to operate unit with tough enclosure and enroll keys. 

  • Ideal for CMD/CEO cabin, Server Rooms, Storage Rooms, Strong Rooms, Secured Areas and many other places.
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